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Agavni has brought her lifetime passion for flowers and artistic designs into this company, which was named after her. It is here where she shares her unique talents for creating money flowers with the world. In fact, Agavni is the first and only company that specializes in this art.

Her interest in flowers dates to when she was a young girl in Armenia with a strong passion in floral design. After she turned 16, she started doing so professionally, working in her mother's flower shop and designing bouquets there, which were used at wedding events throughout the country.

Thirteen years later, her life was changed as she and her family moved to the United States. However, Agavni's love of flowers remained strong. She needed to learn both the English language and how the business world works here so she can get back to work. Shortly after arriving in the U.S., Agavni started attending classes to learn English and to earn a degree in business management.

She was now ready for the next step. After securing fresh flowers at the Los Angeles Flower District, the country's largest wholesale flower market, she opened her first U.S.-based flower shop in Los Angeles. It ended up proving to be quite popular in the area, amongst all groups of people but especially so amongst the Armenian-American community in the area.

This shop, which would annually service more than 120 wedding events, would be her pride for the next 15 years.

Our Story

That was when things suddenly changed. She had a life-altering experience at the L.A. Flower District.

During one of her regular stops there to get some flowers for her shop, she started to enter a wholesale warehouse that was owned by a Chinese family when something stopped her and grabbed her attention. Hanging from the entrance was a rose but not of the floral variety. This one was made out of dollar bills. Instantly intrigued by this design, she started considering how she could do that herself.

Upon returning home, she began experimenting with dollar bills and a glue gun, going through hundreds of ways to create a money rose over the following few months as she perfected her skill.

It was at around this time that her niece's wedding was coming up. She asked her if she would like a unique bridal bouquet to be created for her wedding; her niece agreed, intrigued by the idea. After three weeks of work, a money rose bridal bouquet was handcrafted. Her niece was pleased at how impressive it was and showed it to her friends with pride. Many commented about its stunning artistic design.

Her son took this special moment to bring up to Agavni the idea of creating a company in her name that specializes in money flowers such as that one. The two of them worked for over a year on developing that brand, and she also spent that time creating numerous designs to be sold.

Agavni, which translates as "dove" in Armenian, is a company dedicated to pushing floral design beyond anything that has previously existed and providing an intriguing contemporary approach to origami. Adding to the uniqueness of those efforts is the use of $2 bills in most of the designs that are sold here.

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